What is Rebel Chic NYC?
Rebel Chic NYC is a lifestyle collective with an ethos of empowerment through design and style.

Rebel Chic NYC is a jewelry and accessories collection delicately handcrafted from repurposed and fine leathers.
The inspiration for Rebel Chic NYC is drawn from New York City's attitude; it's fashion, it's culture, and energy.  Rebel Chic NYC takes that same attitude when designing and creates chic jewelry with a rebel yell.

About the designer...
A true product of New York City's melting pot, Tisha Brown was born and raised in New York City to an African-American father and a Korean mother.  The kaleidoscope of the city's culture and grit provided an environment of contrast and inspiration for her creativity.  Tisha fostered her love for the arts by studying art, dance, and fashion in NYC's public schools.  These and other experiences led Tisha to begin a career as a stylist. 

Rebel Chic NYC is born...
As a stylist and single mom Tisha was always on the look out for jewelry that suited her active lifestyle.  Frustrated with the lack of options, one day Tisha decided to craft a pair of earrings from a discarded leather skirt. After receiving numerous inquiries about her earrings she quickly recognized she could fill a void in the jewelry market with her designs.  This epiphany led to a mission to create inspiring chic jewelry and accessories constructed primarily from leather.